SMITH, George Charles, “Boatswain Smith”. 18847



Autograph Letter Signed ‘G.C.Smith’, to “My Dear Children”, with family news, seeking God’s blessing, rejoicing to hear of “religious experience” etc. 3 pp. 9 x 7 inches, with address panel, one old repair, blemishes at centre fold where formerly mounted. Penzance, 17 February, no year given. Uncommon. George Charles Smith (1782-1863), known at Boatswain Smith, entered the Navy and served as Master’s Mate at the Battle of Copenhagen (1801). In 1807 he became pastor at the Octagon Baptist Chapel at Penzance. He was the founder of the Sailors’ Home and other charitable institutions for the Navy, merchant seamen, and canal workers. He was also well known for his open air preaching tours to raise funds for these religious and charitable enterprises. For example, he opened the first floating chapel for sailors on the Thames in 1819.