SHERMAN, James. 17404



Autograph Letter Signed, agreeing to preside at his correspondent’s anniversary, although it means breaking his own rule “not to take an extra service beside Surrey Chapel”. A good one page example, 7 x 4½ inches. Surrey Chapel, 9 January 1839. James Sherman (1796–1862), was a Congregationalist and abolitionist; a popular preacher at the Surrey Chapel, Blackfriars, London from 1836-54. He was successor at the Surrey Chapel to Rowland Hill. James Sherman contributed an introduction to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written by the American Congregationalist, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written in serial form for The National Era, a slavery abolitionist newspaper, in 1851. When it appeared as a two volume work by March 1852, with James Sherman’s introduction, it quickly became a work of historical significance. For the book’s promotional tour in London in the early summer of 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe, her husband, and brother Charles Beecher, stayed at James Sherman’s house. At the same time he invited the African-American escaped slave and Congregational minister Samuel Ringgold Ward, and assisted his stay in Britain for nearly a year, helping him raise funds for the Canadian Anti-slavery Society at a time when many escaped slaves from the USA were trying to reach freedom in British Canada.