SEWELL, William. 11872



Autograph Verses Signed, written “For Miss Ulrica Fenwick’s Autograph book”, being an original composition about, among other things, a lady autograph collector. 74 lines on 2 pp. 9 x 5½ inches, some old tape at centre fold, otherwise good. Cologne, 12 March 1868. And I its chirpings understood, For bird and insect, rock and tree, Each leaflet in the lonely wood – I talk to them, and they to me.And soft it whispered in my ear,‘There is a lady fair you knew, She is collecting far and near, And wants an autograph from you.’ William Sewell (1804-1874), divine and author, one of the founders of Radley College. His publications include translations of the Agamemnon (1846), Georgics (1846 and 1854) and Odes and Epodes of Horace (1850); An Introduction to the Dialogues of Plato (1841);(1841); Christian Politics (1844); The Nation, the Church and the University of Oxford (1849); Christian Vestiges of Creation (1861).