SCOTLAND. William Cranstoun, 1st Lord Cranstoun, 1620 19476



Power of Attorney, signed ‘Cranstoune’ by William Lord Cranstoun, and by Sir Alexander Cranstoun and other Cranstoun witnesses, to Adam Cunyngham, about a seisin of property in Lidgertwode, with mills etc., as held by John Lord Borthville. Neat manuscript in English, 12 x 9 inches, trimmed, laid down, paper defects at right edge with loss of some letters, light stains. 1 July 1620. William Cranstoun, 1st Lord Cranstoun (died June 1627), a Scot who played a prominent part in the pacification of the Anglo-Scottish border in the early 17th century. King James appointed Cranstoun to the position of Captain of the Horse Garrison, or King’s Guard, under the Earl of Dunbar, Lieutenant of the Borders. In 1605 he was keeper of Lochmaben Castle and a deputy-lieutenant of the Borders. Sir John Balfour Paul’s The Scots Peerage records of him that: “He was a man of singular energy and fearlessness, and though his relentless rule on the Borders of necessity made him many enemies, yet his persistence therein brought back that region to a state of law and order such as it had not known for many years, and from which it never really again lapsed.”