SAVARY, General Anne Jean Marie Rene, duc de Rovigo. 16205



Letter Signed, as Duc de Rovigo and Chief of Police, to the Minister of War, about appointments in line with the Emperor’s orders for the organisation of the National Guard in the Midi. With several official annotations. In French. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, in good condition. Old title label. Police Générale, Paris, 12 December 1811. General Anne Jean Marie Rene Savary, duc de Rovigo (1774-1833) served Napoleon in several campaigns, and from 1810 to April 1814 he served as Minister of Police in succession to Fouché. He rallied to Napoleon in 1815 and accompanied Napoleon into exile aboard H.M.S.Bellerophon. Savary was not permitted to accompany Napoleon to St.Helena, but was interned for some months in Malta; thereafter he lived in Smyrna, Austria and London, before returning to France in 1819.