SANSCRIT. Ananda Ram Baruah. 17202



An original Autograph Letter Signed, to Dr. Reinhold Rost, about a box of Sanscrit manuscripts not yet received, funds for the publication of various sutras, and discussing his own publications. 4 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, in very good condition. Noakhaly, Bengal [India], 21 July 1884. Ananda Ram Baruah (1850-1889), Sanscrit scholar. He was the first civilian (I.C.S) from Assam, the first graduate from Assam and an eminent lawyer. This letter is annotated by Dr. Rost: “Anandoram Barooah, an Assamese Brahmin, author of an English Sanscrit Dict. in 3 volumes, & of a Sanscrit grammar (in progess) in twenty volumes.”