SANIN, Alexander. 19454



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Alexandre Sanine’, [to Gabriel Astruc, theatrical impresario] recommending a young conductor, Theodore Ryder, who has worked with Sanin on Boris Godunov. In French. 2 pp. 8 x 5 inches, fine. Theatre Libre, Moscou, 9/22 January 1914. Alexander Akimovich Sanin (1869-1956), Russian actor, director and acting teacher. In 1907, Sanin left the Alexandrinsky to join Sergey Diagilev’s European troupe. There, now working mainly as an opera director, he concentrated on the classics of Russian music and staged several successive opera productions, including Boris Godunov at the Grand Opera in Paris, with Fyodor Chalyapin in the lead. In 1913, Sanin joined the newly formed Mardzhanov’s Free Theatre and in 1914–1915 he was the stage director of the Moscow Drama Theatre.