SAMAIN, Albert. 18180



Autograph Correspondence Card Signed, addressed to Alfred Vallette, Director of the Mercure de France, giving the address of his hotel near Annercy, and asking him to forward correspondence. In French. 3 x 4 inches, fine. With the orignal franked envelope. Annecy, 3 September 1893. Albert Samain (1858-1900), French poet and writer of the Symbolist school. His poems were strongly influenced by those of Baudelaire and Verlaine; his works disclose a taste for indecisive, vague imagery. Samain helped found the Mercure de France, and also worked on the Revue des Deux Mondes. Samain published three volumes of verse: Le jardin de l’infante (1893), which made him famous; Aux flancs du vase (1898) and Le Chariot d’or (1901).