SAFFI, Aurelio. 19259



A good Autograph Letter Signed ‘A.Saffi’, inviting his correspondent to attend his lectures in Oxford on the recent social and political history of Italy. In English. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, minor blemishes. 71 High Street, Oxford, 9 January 1857. “… to show the true tendencies of the national life in Italy – and what elements of civil improvement there are in the country likely to give security of public order even amidst the crisis of a political revolution.” Count Aurelio Saffi (1819–1890), Italian politician, active during the period of Italian unification. He was an important figure in the radical republican current within the Risorgimento movement and close to its leader and chief inspiration, Giuseppe Mazzini. in 1853, Saffi fled from Italy to England for a second time and was condemned in absentia to twenty years in prison. He was appointed the first teacher of Italian at the Taylor Institute, Oxford, in 1856, and was determined, as he says in this letter, “to speak the truth concerning my oppressed, but still aspiring fatherland.”