RYE, Maria Susan. 19253



Autograph Letter Signed, addressed ‘Dear Sir’ [probably Dawson William Turner], concerning her return to Canada with 100 orphan children, her first emigration of pauper children, on 28th October, and referring to “my new Home at Niagara”. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches in good condition. 418 Strand, London, 12 October 1869. Maria Susan Rye (1829-1903), social reformer. In the 1860s she helped to send girls of the middle class and domestic servants to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and she visited these colonies to form committees for the protection of the emigrants. She was the author of Emigration of Educated Women (1861). From 1868 she devoted herself to the emigration of pauper children. “I am returning to Canada with 100 orphan children on 28th Inst. I shall be very glad of a copy of your Rules of Simple Hygiene, which I will hang up in my new Home at Niagara, if you will kindly send me the same to my office here.” in 1869 she purchased Avenue House, High Street, Peckham, and with her two younger sisters, in spite of public opposition and prejudice, took there from the streets or the workhouses waifs and strays from the ages of three to sixteen. Fifty girls from Kirkdale industrial school, Liverpool, were soon put under her care ; they were trained in domestic economy and went through courses of general and religious instruction. At Niagara, Canada, Rye also acquired a building which she called ‘Our Western Home.’ It was opened on 1 December 1869. To this house Miss Rye drafted the children from Peckham, and after further training they were distributed in Canada as domestic servants among respectable families. The first party left England in October 1869.