ROLAND DE LA PLATIERE, Jean Marie. 18014



Letter Signed ‘Roland’, as Minister of the Interior, to the Department of the procurator general of the Seine and Oise region, about the upkeep of the roads in their area, following the their request for funds to repair three roads in particularly bad condition, requesting details and estimates, expecting the work to be spread over three years, etc. In French. 3 pp. 9 x 7 inches, some light stains, in good condition. Paris, 28 December 1792. A relic of one of the tragic figures of revolutionary France. Jean Marie Roland de la Platière (1734-1793), revolutionary, Minister of the Interior. In 1793 he attacked Robespierre and attempted to save the life of the King. He was forced to flee from Paris to Normandy. Roland committed suicide (November 15, 1793) when he learned of the sentence and execution of his wife.