RAFFLES, Thomas. 11509



Autograph Letter Signed, to Dr. Davies, saying that he “had hoped to be done with Rome-ing”, but agreeing to lecture on the subject. 1 page 6½ x 4½ inches, in good condition. With a separate small engraved portrait of Thomas Raffles, with his facsimile signature beneath. [Liverpool, 5 February 1858] Thomas Raffles (1788-1863), Congregational Minister of the Newington Chapel, Liverpool (1811-1862). His cousin was Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Besides his verse compositions and his translation of Klopstock’s Messiah (1814), Raffles published his Memoirs of Thomas Spencer (1813), Letters during a Tour through France, Savoy, etc. (1818), Lectures on Practical Religion (1820), Lectures on the Doctrines of the Gospel (1822), Hear the Church! A Word for All. By a Doctor of Divinity, but not of Oxford (1839—a riposte to Pusey), The Divine Command: a Jubilee Sermon to the London Missionary Society (1844), Internal Evidence of the Inspiration of Scripture (1849), and Independency at St Helens (1856).