PRIOR, Sir James. 15442



Autograph Letter Signed, to Robert Baldwin, returning Lord Teignmouth’s Life of Sir N.Jones and Hall’s Freedom of the Press, from which he has taken what he wanted, understanding that Mr.Colburn has letters of Burke (‘Can you do anything with him’), with further comments on the availability of Burke’s letters. 2 pp. 8 x 4.5 inches, address leaf, traces of mounting, centre fold repaired. 22 August 1825. Sir James Prior (c.1790–1869), Irish naval surgeon and writer. He entered the Royal Navy as a surgeon, and sailed from Plymouth in the frigate HMS Nisus on 22 June 1810. His ship was stationed at Mauritius from November 1810 to April 1811, when he had charge of the wounded; and, after visiting the Seychelles Islands, Madras, Mauritius, Java (at the reduction of which by the British in September 1811 he was present), and Batavia, returned to the Cape of Good Hope. His next expedition, also in the Nisus, was to Table Bay (February 1812), St. Helena (January 1813), Rio de Janeiro (October 1813), and Pernambuco (December 1813). By 1815 he was on the coast of La Vendée, and was present at the surrender of Napoleon on 15 July. His works included Voyage in the Indian Seas in the Nisus frigate during 1810 and 1811, published by Sir Richard Phillips in 1820, and included in the first volume of a collection of New Voyages and Travels, and Voyage along the Eastern Coast of Africa (1819), included in the second volume of Phillips’s Voyages. Prior’s major works were biographies of Edmund Burke and Oliver Goldsmith. “I hear there is something about Burke in Butler’s Reminiscences, and some anecdotes of the Rockingham Ministry in Horace Walpole’s letters lately published …”