PRICE, Bartholomew. 18007



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mr. Musgrave[?], thanking him for his book, congratulating him on “so great a work”, providing news of family and friends, etc. 4 pp. 7 x 4 inches, fine. 11 St. Giles, Oxford, 27 June 1869. “Here we have plenty of ability, but a great lack of energy for such labours.” Bartholomew Price (1818 -898), mathematician. He took a leading position in the mathematical teaching at Oxford, and published treatises on the Differential calculus (in 1848) and the Infinitesimal calculus (4 vols., 1852–1860), which for long were the recognized textbooks there. This latter work included the differential and integral calculus, the calculus of variations, the theory of attractions, and analytical mechanics. Professor Price is best remembered as one of the teachers of Lewis Carroll. There is a reference to his nickname of ‘the bat’ in the Mad Hatter’s song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat”, a parody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.