PONTMARTIN, Armand de. 15247



An original Autograph Manuscript, signed ‘Armand de Pontmartin’, about Amédée Pichot and the raising of a monument to him. over 3000 words. 8 pp. 10 x 8 inches, in Pontmartin’s neat script, legible and in good condition. 17 October 1887. Armand Augustin Joseph Marie Ferrard, Comte de Pontmartin (1811-1890), French critic, man of letters, and an indefatigable journalist. Most of his papers were eventually published in volume form: Contes et reveries d’un planteur de choux (1845); Causeries du samedi (1857-1860); Nouveaux samedis (1865-1881), &c. But the most famous of all his books is Les Jeudis de Mme. Charbonneau (1862), which under the form of a novel offered a series of malicious and witty portraits of contemporary writers. Joseph Jean-Baptiste Marie Charles Amédée Pichot (1795-1877), novelist and historian.