POERIO, Carlo. 14117



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Charles Poerio’, to Isabelle O’Grady, Queenstown (Ireland), taking his leave while on the point of returning Italy from London, recalling their friendship with pleasure, thanking her, and hoping to receive news of her and her niece in the future. In French. 2 pp. 5 x 3½ inches, in fine condition. London, 10 May 1859. Carlo Poerio (1803-1867), Italian poet, Risorgimento and 1848 Revolution activist, politician, and brother of Alessandro Poerio. In July 1849 Poerio was arrested, tried, and sentenced to nineteen years in prison. Chained in pairs, he and other political prisoners were confined in one small room in the labour camp on Nisida (the Flegree Islands). Gladstone’s report on the inhumane conditions in Neapolitan detention facilities (1851), emphasising the case of Poerio, provoked an international uproar; nonetheless, Poerio was set free only in 1858. He and other exiles were than placed on board a ship bound for the Argentina, but the son of Luigi Settembrini (both of them on board the ship) compelled the crew to land them at Cork, in the United Kingdom, after which Poerio made his way to London. In the following year he returned to Italy.