PODMORE, Frank. 18247



Autograph Letter Signed, agreeing to address his correspondent’s Chapter on literature or the work of the Society for Psychical Research, although he is no substitute for F.W.H.Myers, suggesting “Thought-Transferences & Apparitions”, “Hallucinations”, “Secondary Conciousness”, spiritualism, etc. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. 32 Well Walk, Hampstead, 22 November 1893. Frank Podmore (1856 – 1910), English author, and founding member of the Fabian Society. He is best known as an influential member of the Society for Psychical Research and for his sceptical writings on Spiritualism. F.W.H.Myers was the co-author of the two-volume Phantasms of the Living (1886) with Edmund Gurney and Frank Podmore which documented alleged sightings of apparitions.