PETRIE, Flinders and Hilda. 19840



Original Signature ‘Flinders Petrie’, with an Autograph Note Signed ‘Hilda Petrie’ addressed to Mr. Rawlins, sending the signature and describing an “exciting new quest” in Syria. Written on the two sides of a half sheet of the writing paper of the Biblical Research Account assisting the British School of Egyptian Archaeology. Traces of former mounting on verso. [Syria, undated] The uncommon autograph of Sir (William Matthew) Flinders Petrie (1853–1942). Hilda Petrie (1871–1957) was an Irish-born British Egyptologist and wife of Flinders Petrie, the father of scientific archaeology. “We have just started on an exciting new quest, in search of a lost civilisation, which it is expected will be found in N.Syria. We are travelling by caravan – sleeping in it by night – and hope for light on the early Canaanite and Amorite history, & the Biblical record. Having in the last 4 years got many foreign treasures at Gaza, delicate goldwork and painted pottery, we expect to find the source of these. Can you help the expedition by collecting any donations?”