PERRIN, Claude Victor, Duc de Belluno, Marshal of France. 13696



Letter Signed, as Minister of War and Marshal of France, to Lacoste de Nicolai, cadet, informing him of his promotion to sous-lieutenant in the Regiment de Chasseurs de la Meuse. In French. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, folds, with the integral address leaf, various postal markings, early repairs. Paris, 25 October 1822. Claude Victor Perrin (1764-1841), Duc de Belluno, Marshal of France, entered the army in 1781 and fought throughout the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. In 1802 he was Governor of Louisiana for a short time. He distinguished himself at the battles of Saalfeld and Jena, and after Friedland he was made marshal. He took a prominent part in the Peninsular War, until his appointment in 1812 to the command of a corps in the invasion of Russia.