PERCY, William. 13016



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mrs. Spragg, about the sale of a horse, and the impending visit of “my Boy Barnard” to the Spraggs (”I am distressed lest he should be troublesome”), enthusing about the service held on New Year’s Day. 2 pp. 9 x 7 inches, in good condition, integral address leaf. [early annotation: 1794] The Rev. William Percy, evangelical minister, of Woolwich and Westminster Chapels. William Percy went to America in 1773 under the auspices of Lady Huntingdon, first to Georgia, where he preached in the open air to his Baptist and Independent brethren, and then to Charleston. He sometimes preached to the American troops, and was the first minister in Charleston to deliver an Address on the first anniversary of Independence. Later in England he moved from Woolwich Chapel to become in 1793 the Minister of Westminster Chapel, known as Dr. Peckwell’s. In 1804 he returned to Charleston. “It was a memorable Time & the Lord was with us of a Truth. Morning Text was 2 Chron:32:26. The Power of the Lord came down & many Hearts were melted in the Presence of the Lord. My very Heart ardently longs sometimes to see you among us. When will you come & see us? I hope you will keep my Boy in Order.”