PENINSULAR WAR. W.P.Allcock, Lisbon Wine Shipper, 1811. 18631



Autograph Letter Signed ‘W.P.Allcock’, to Webb Campbell Gray & Carno at Oporto, warning him about investigations into wine monopolies, discussing custom house representation, devoting most of his letter to news of Wellington’s advance and other military intelligence about Badajos, etc. 2 pp. 10 x 8 inches, with address panel, ‘LISBOA’ town stamp, also stamped ‘40’ [40 reis]. Lisbon, 15 June 1811. W.P. Allcock of Messrs Bulkeley, Allcock & Oxenford of Lisbon. Joseph Carno, to whom this letter is addressed, had the distinction of being the only American to be a partner in his firm. As senior partner, his status as a neutral allowed the firm to continue trading during the French occupation of the Peninsular War, when other British port houses had to temporally repatriate. Allcock writes: “Entre nous, I am told Mr. Stuart has instructions to enquire into the Monopoly of your Wine Company, the existence of which being contrary to the Spirit of the late Treaty, ti will probably be done away though I have no doubt there will be much Evasion & opposition on one side … Our heavy Artillery is all removed from before Badajoz & the siege of that place converted into a Blockade. Lord Wellington has advanced to meet Soult who is stated to have 46 th[ousand] Infantry & 6 th[ousand] Cavalry, I a very desperate battle is expected to take place in a few days… Our sick and wounded, about 7000 Men, are ordered to Lisbon. Part of the Royal Rope Walk is to be converted into a Hospital …”