PENINSULAR WAR. Samuel Briscall, Chaplain to the Duke of Wellington. 21626



A series of 12 lengthy Autograph Letters Signed by Samuel Briscall, while serving a chaplain in the Peninsula, to William Hurst, Warrington, Lancashire, containing a good account of the action near Coimbra (16-30 September 1810) including the Battle of Busaco, information about the siege and relief of Ciudad Rodrigo (1810-11), the British army’s encampment at Badajos after the Battle of Talavera, descriptions of Oporto and Badajos, with frequent mention of Wellington (”The Great Man”), commenting on the Spanish army and Spanish women (especially the widow with whom he was involved, describing the devastation of Portugal, with details of manoeuvres and skirmishes. 12 letters, 50 pp. various sizes, a few defects with loss of a few words, in good condition, legible, with address panels. Coimbra, Badajos, Oporto, Castel Branco, Cartaxo, Vila Fermosa, Coimbra, etc.1809-1811. Samuel Briscall (1788-1848), military chaplain to the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War. The Duke of Wellington wrote in 1811: “I have one excellent young man in this army, Mr. Briscall, who is attached to headquarters, who has never been one moment absent from his duty.” Briscall writes on 30 September 1810: “On the 26th Loison attacked Crauford & drove him to our Position & that Evening a few shots were exchanged between the Artillery, the Enemy’s Sharpshooters making a few lodgements in the Bottom of the Ravine in our Front, all this I saw – on the 27th at six o’clock began the Firing on both sides. Gen. Hill having left a small Force at the Ponte de Murcella crossed the Mondego & formed our Right. The French attacked Picton’s Division & reached the Top of the heights without being seen – How Picton disposed of them Ld. W’s Dispatch will tell …”