PENINSULAR WAR. General Warren Peacocke, Governor of Lisbon, 1811. 20103



Letter Signed, to His Excellency Charles Stuart, confirming that Major General Campbell “is not here upon his pleasure, but on his way from the recovery of a severe wound received in the defence of this Country”, and assuring Stuart that General Hill was “received with the utmost hospitality and attention”. 1 page 13 x 8 inches, fine. Lisbon, 25 May 1811. Sir Warren Peacocke was Governor of Lisbon during the Peninsular War. He appears in Gronow’s Memoirs. His correspondent is Charles Stuart, Baron Stuart de Rothesay (1779–1845), diplomatist. As minister at Lisbon (1810–14) he made himself indispensable to Wellington, and he was made a member of the Portuguese regency council.