PENINSULAR WAR. Charles Baron d’Osten, 1812. 18643



A lengthy Autograph Letter Signed “Charles Baron d’Osten, Ci devant Major dans le Corps de Schill” to “Monseigneur” [Admiral Berkeley], asking for assistance on being arrested as a Spy and cast into prison, recording his distinguished military career and his recent arrival in Portugal, on the recommendation of Lord Liverpool to Lord Wellington and Marshal Beresford, to serve in either the Spanish or Portuguese Army. In French. 4 pp. 12 x 8 inches, in good condition. With a note from Admiral Berkeley to Charles Stuart, pointing out that the British Marine can not interfere with the Military Police. Tour de Bellem, 20 March 1812. The prisoner’s letter. Baron d’Osten explains that curiosity took him a little too close to the Lisbon batteries.