PARKES, Edmund Alexander. 20850



Autograph Letter Signed ‘E.A.Parkes’, to Dr. Sieveking, providing the agenda for a Society meeting. 4 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. Undated. Edmund Alexander Parkes (1819 – 1876), physician, known as a hygienist, particularly in the military context. In 1855 he was selected by the government to travel to Turkey to select a site for, organise, and superintend a large civil hospital to relieve the pressure on the hospitals at Scutari during the Crimean War. He selected Renkioi, on the Asiatic bank of the Dardanelles, and remained there until the end of the war in 1856. This was the site of the 1,000 patient prefabricated timber Renkioi Hospital, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. In 1864 Parkes published the first edition of the Manual of Practical Hygiene; it reached during his lifetime a fourth edition, an eighth edition in 1891, and was translated into many languages. It used a traditional airs, waters and places structure, going back to Hippocrates, and this persisted for a generation.