PALLISER, Major Sir William. 16621



Autograph Letter Signed, to F.Wardell, The Bolton Arms, Earls Court Road, about a legal dispute. A good one page example, 8 x 5 inches. 19 Earls Court Square, 29 December 1877. Major Sir William Palliser (1830 –1882) was an Irish-born politician and inventor, Member of Parliament for Taunton from 1880. He was a brother of Captain John Palliser, a geographer and explorer. He saw active service in the Crimean War. Palliser patented 21 ordnance-related inventions, including the armour-piercing Palliser shot. He designed the “Palliser conversion” technique which was used successfully to convert many of Britain’s obsolescent but still serviceable smoothbore muzzle-loading guns into more modern rifled muzzle-loaders (“RML”) in the late 1860s and the 1870s.