Oxford Phasmatological Society. BRIGHTMAN, Frank Edward. 19648



Two Autograph Letters Signed by Brightman, one to “My dear President”, the other to Henry Nicholas Ridley, about the purpose and work of the Phasmatological Society, with cartoons (two sides of one leaf) of the Fellows of the Society. 4 pp + 4 pp. letters, with separate cartoon. Bristol and Oxford, 1880 and undated. The Oxford Phasmatological Society investigated paranormal phenomena. It lasted from 1879-1885, one of the oldest psychical societies so formed. It was founded by Charles Oman, Henry Nicholas Ridley and F. C. S. Schiller. Similar to the later formed Society for Psychical Research it collected and investigated reports of ghosts, hauntings and psychic phenomena. Frank Edward Brightman (1856-1932), liturgist.