OUIDA, Louise de la Ramée. 18150



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Ouida’, addressed ‘My dear Sir’ [Henry Salt, founder of the Humanitarian League], dismissing Mr. Stephen Smith’s claim that “the cruelties of the Oceanic Cattle trade have been so much diminished by the exertions of The Protection of Animals Society that they are practically ended”. 4 pp. 8 x 6 inches, fine. Viareggio, 17 March, no year given. A firm rebuttal by Ouida, Louise de la Ramée (1839-1908), novelist. “Now, unhappily, this is far from the case as you know, and I write to ask you to send to him some facts of the present time concerning this form of suffering … You can say I have asked you to do this.” For many years Ouida lived in London, but about 1871 she moved to Italy. She rented Villa Farinola at Scandicci, Italy south of Bellosguardo near Florence.