O’CONNOR, T.P. 19800



Autograph Correspondence Card Signed ‘T.P.O’Connor’, to Henry Labouchere, asking him to write a letter of introduction. 2 sides, 3 x 4 inches, in good condition. Millbank, 29 April, no year given. Thomas Power O’Connor (1848–1929), Irish journalist and politician. As the voice of the Irish in Britain, his role was as mediator and ambassador for the cause of Irish nationalism. President of the Irish National League of Great Britain from 1883 to 1918, he played an important role in making links between Ireland and the Irish in Britain. He promoted Irish home rule policies in France, and raised funds for the Irish Parliamentary Party in America. His publications included T. P.’s Weekly (he was known familiarly as T. P.), a penny literary paper, The Parnell Movement (1886) and Memoirs of an Old Parliamentarian (1929).