NURSEY, Claude Lorraine. 17861



A series of nine Autograph Letters Signed, to Henry Mogford, the exhibition organiser, discussing the Crystal Palace Exhibition, submissions for other exhibitions, asking for the drawings by Maclise and Mulready as soon as possible, etc. 9 letters, 24 pp. in good condition, neatly tipped on to an old album page. Norwich and London, 1855-11858. Claude Lorraine Nursey (1820-1973), landscape painter. In 1849 he joined the Belfast School of Design and continued there until about 1855 when he removed to the school at Norwich. While in Belfast he was eminently successful by his zeal and power of organization in the management of the school and in interesting the manufacturers of the city in the subject of industrial art. He finally settled in his native county and was for some time Secretary of the Norwich Fine Arts Association.