NOURI, John Joseph. 19965



Autograph Letter Signed ‘John Joseph Nouri’, about the Turkish Ambassador’s refusal to help “on the ground of my British Protection”. 1 page 8 x 5 inches, fine. On the writing paper of The Review Of Reviews. Mowbray House, Strand, undated [1890’s]. John Joseph Nouri (b.1865 England) claimed to have discovered Noah’s Ark on the summit of Mount Ararat in April 1887. in 1885 he was consecrated as an archdeacon in the Chaldean Catholic Church. During a tour of the United States, he attracted attention with his long list of formal titles: “His Pontifical Eminence, the most Venerable Prelate, Monseignior. The Zamorin Nouri. John Joseph Prince of Nouri, D.D, LL., D. (By Divine Providence.) Chaldean Patriarchal Archdeacon of Babylon and Jerusalem, Grand Apostolic Ambassador of Malabar, India and Persia. The Discoveror of Noah’s Ark and the Golden Mountains of the Moon. The Sacred Crown’s Supreme Representative General of the Holy Orthodox, Oriental, Patriarchal Imperiality of 900,000,000 People of Asia. The First Universal Exploring Traveler of One Million Miles.”