NISBET, Hume. 17112



Autograph Letter Signed, to William Downing, sending “for your inspiration” some original designs for frontispieces and title pages of seven more of his Romances. 1 page 8 x 7½ inches, some blank areas neatly trimmed, in good condition. 5 Cambridge Mansions, Bromells Road, Clapham, 30 August 1900. Uncommon. Hume Nisbet (1849-1921), Scottish writer and artist, paid several visits to Australia and New Guinea. Several of his popular novels are coloured by his Australian experiences. Miller in his Australian Literature lists about 40 novels published between 1888 and 1905, such as The Savage Queen: A Romance of the Natives of Van Diemen’s Land. During the next 10 years he published a few more books including Hathor and Other Poems, which appeared as the first volume of his poetic and dramatic works in 1905.