NIGHTINGALE, Florence. 19413



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Yours truly, F.Nightingale’, during the Crimean War [to Sir Henry Storks], about the forwarding of letters for one of her former Nurses, Mrs. Newton, “now employed as a Monthly Nurse at Pera”mentioning the breaking up of the Hospital at Koulali, and referring to herself: “… I have always been a Post Office (among my other vocations).” About 100 words on one page 9 x 7 inches, in superb condition, with an integral blank leaf. [Scutari] 13 February 1856. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Storks (1811-1874) was in charge of British establishments in Turkey during the Crimean War. “I beg to inform you that, since March /55, Mrs. Newton has had no further claim upon me as a Nurse. She is now employed as a Monthly Nurse at Pera. And, as I have always been a Post Office (among my other vocations) I have received & regularly forwarded her letters to the ‘British Embassy’ as desired. I can afford no information as to her letters which have been addressed to Koulali, before that Hospital was broken up. All the Koulali letters (for females) have since been forwarded to me. I remain, my dear Sir, Yours truly, F.Nightingale.”