NIGERIA. Charles Norton Wood, Resident, Lokoja, Northern Nigeria, 1902-03. 19974



Archive of original letters, many of 12 to 14 pages long, from Charles Norton Wood to his mother in Weybridge, describing the voyage out to Nigeria on the S.S.Jebba in October 1902 (8 letters), his arrival at Lokoja and his duties there in 1902-03 (12 letters), expeditions to Sierra Leone, Lagos and Gold Coast (3), a voyage home on leave in May 1903 (5 letters), with a few pieces of ephemera and some original snapshots of Lokoja and elsewhere. About 28 letters, over 250 pp. 8vo, with envelopes (stamps removed, except in five cases), entirely legible, folded, in good condition. Together with a fine studio portrait photograph of the young Charles Norton Wood. Lokoja and elsewhere, 1902-1903. Long letters home by a young colonial officer, Charles Norton Wood, son of William Martin Wood, journalist on the Times of India. Lokoja is a city in Nigeria. It lies at the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers and is the capital of Kogi State. It was the capital of the British Northern Nigeria Protectorate (1900-1914). Confident, but isolated, Wood describes his daily routines, the work, legal and civil, his quarters, hopes and fears, time in hospital, and the local native politics. Unresearched and unsorted.