NICHOLS, John Bowyer. 18492



Autograph Letter Signed ‘J.B.Nichols’, reflecting on his correspondent’s “change of Prospects”, offering £5 for old friendship’s sake, referring to his father’s editorship of the Gentleman’s magazine. 3 pp. 8 x 7 inches, first page heavily toned, otherwise sound. 26 August 1822. John Bowyer Nichols (1779–1863), English printer and antiquary. He had a part in the editorship of the Gentleman’s Magazine, and contributed under the initials J. B. N., or N. R. S. (the final letters of his name). He became the sole proprietor of the magazine in 1833. He superintended the passing through the press of major county histories. These included George Ormerod’s Cheshire, Robert Clutterbuck’s Hertfordshire, Robert Surtees’s Durham, James Raine’s North Durham, Colt Hoare’s Wiltshire, Joseph Hunter’s South Yorkshire, George Baker’s Northamptonshire, Thomas Dunham Whitaker’s Whalley and Craven, and George Lipscomb’s Buckinghamshire. He left large printed and manuscript collections on English topography. His last literary undertaking was the completion (vol. vii. in 1848 and vol. viii. in 1856) of his father’s Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century, the sequel to the Literary Anecdotes.