NAVAL COMMISSION. Commander Charles Gepp Robinson, 1838. 19557



The original Admiralty Commission appointing Charles Gepp Robinson to be Commander of Her Majesty’s Sloop, Falcon. Signed by Admiral Sir William Parker. Vellum, 11 x 12 inches, Admiralty seal affixed, in good clean condition, folds. Admiralty, 28 June 1838. Vice-Admiral Charles Gepp Robinson (1805-1875) surveyed settlements in Africa, in operations against slave traders. From 1829 he was employed in the Surveying Department of the Navy. Admiral Sir William Parker (1781-1866) was appointed commander-in-chief in China (1841), where he captured Amoy, Ningpo and other ports, bringing the Opium War to an end (1842). He was commander in chief in the Mediterranean, 1845-52.