NAVAL. Captain Robert Forkington, Royal Marines, Cadiz, 1799. 18563



Autograph Campaign Letter Signed, to Charles Cox, Agent of Marines, London, during the Blockade of Cadiz,requesting him to honor a Draft, giving news of the progress of the fleet, wishing “for a Speedy and honorable Peace”. 2 pp. 10 x 8 inches, in fine condition, with the address leaf (Foreign Office handstamp, probably carried on the Lisbon to Falmouth packet service). H.M.Ship Northumberland off Cadiz, 1 January 1799. HMS Northumberland (74 Guns) was launched on 2 February 1798. She served in the Egyptian Campaign where Captain Robert Forkington was wounded (13 March 1801). The Northumberland carried Napoleon into captivity on St. Helena in 1815. “I have a pleasant Ship and she has proved a remarkably fine sailer. Sir Roger Curtis having gone through the Straits some days since with the rest of the Fleet, the Edgar and ourselves are blocking up the Port of Cadiz, and 21 Sail of the Line. This wears a very daring appearance, but as we understand the Spaniards are very pacifically disposed towards us we claim no great merit from it, nor feel ourselves under any apprehensions.”