NAPOLEON I, Emperor of France. 19544



A fine Letter Signed ‘Nap’ by Napoleon, to his Minister of War, the Duc de Feltre, discussing in detail the Italian and French troops to be sent to garrison Ragusa (on the Adriatic coast), with mention of the Croat Battalion to Dalmatia, the prevention of treachery, the necessity of sending a General to Ragusa, instructing the Minister to order General Delzons to send a good commander to Cattaro. In French. 14 lines on 1 page, perfect for display, 9 x 7 inches, one pinhole, with the discreet authentication blindstamp of the Rossignol Napoleon Collection, Paris. St. Cloud, 7 May 1811. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). Henri Jacques Guillaume Clarke, duc de Feltre (1765-1818), born of Irish parents, Minister of War from 1807, and Marshal of France. Napoleon came to depend on his authority and he was instrumental in organising the administration and building the Grande Armée in 1811-12.