NAPIER, Admiral Sir Charles. 19755



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Chas. Napier’, while on leave following service in the Mediterranean and the successful siege of Acre, to Mrs. Waldegrave, saying he has “given up all idea of joining Powerful again”, and therefore Waldegrave, “the senior Captain now in the Mediterranean”, should apply at once. 1 page 7 x 4 inches, fine. 4 July 1841. Admiral Sir Charles Napier (1786-1860) fought in the Napoleonic Wars and in the Anglo-American War of 1814. He commanded the rocket boats that bombarded Baltimore, providing both the ‘bombs bursting in air’ and ‘the rocket’s red glare’ of Francis Scott Key’s American national anthem. He saw service in Portugal (1833-34), Syria (1840-41). In May 1847 he took command of the western squadron.