NAPIER, Admiral Sir Charles. 19717



Autograph Letter Signed, during the naval operations off the coast of Syria 1840-41, to Captain William Waldegrave of HMS Revenge. 1 page 9 x 5½ inches, with the address leaf, addressed ‘Honble. Capt. Waldegrave, Revenge’, folds, creases. Sunday, undated. A rare note to survive this heroic naval action. Admiral Sir Charles Napier (1786-1860) fought in the Napoleonic Wars and in the Anglo-American War of 1814. He commanded the rocket boats that bombarded Baltimore, providing both the ‘bombs bursting in air’ and ‘the rocket’s red glare’ of Francis Scott Key’s American national anthem. He saw service in Portugal (1833-34), Syria (1840-41), where he commanded a squadron under Sir Robert Stopford. In May 1847 he took command of the western squadron. Captain William Waldegrave commanded HMS Revenge (76 guns) at the bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre (3 November 1840). “My dear Waldegrave, I do not wish any harm to be done to the Volage. The information I had was that there was a quantity of flour collected for the Army which appears to have been a mistake, but always as you think best. Yours in haste, Chas. Napier.”