MUNDY, Vice-Admiral Sir George. 15849



Naval Order Signed by Mundy as Captain of HMS Hydra, to Robert Mitford, Commander of HM Sloop Espoir, instructing him to take under convoy to Carthagena the transports Fearless and Mary Ann, “the former of them with Powder for that place, and the latter going thither for German Recruits”, with further orders. 1½ pages 11 x 7 inches, in good condition. On board the Hydra [Mediterranean, probably Gibraltar] August 1810. An uncommon signature. Admiral Sir George Mundy (1777-1861) joined the Navy at a young age and served in several of the principal actions of the French Revolutionary Wars, including the Battles of Cape St. Vincent and The Nile. He subsequently held a succession of frigate commands during the Napoleonic Wars and was active in the blockade of the French coast and in assisting Spanish irregular forces during the Peninsular War.