MOSLEY, Sir Oswald. 17136



Xerox typescript of his long Review of The General Strike (by Christopher Farman), for Books & Bookmen, submitted to the printers with a number of amendments by E.J.Hamm (Sir Oswald Mosley Secretariat), with a list of those to whom the April issue of Books & Bookmen, containing the review, should be sent. 7 pp. folio typescript, with corrections in ink, with 4 notes attached. Sir Oswald Mosley Secretariat, 76A Rochester Row, London, 26/27 February 1973. Sir Oswald Mosley (1896-1980), leader of the British Union of Fascists. “With apologies for one final amendment to the Sir Oswald Mosley article delivered today. The article was done entirely on the telephone from Paris, due to postal delays.” “Dear Mr. Dossé, Owing to the French air strike Sir Oswald Mosley had not received his final copy of the typescript when I delivered your copy to your office this morning. He has now received it and has asked me to pass on to you the attached late amendments, for your printers. With apologies for any inconvenience this may occasion you. Yours faithfully, E.J.Hamm, Secretary.”