MONTGOMERY, Sir Robert. 17659



Autograph Letter Signed ‘R.Montgomery’, to Mrs. Saunders, returning the papers [of her husband, Charles Saunders] which he has read with interest. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, integral blank leaf docketed on verso. 20 April, no year given. “He seems to have acted well at a critical time – and I hope in due time will reap the reward (in honors) of his exertions.” Sir Robert Montgomery (1809 –1887), administrator in India. His first notable position was as a commissioner in Cawnpore. In May 1857, at the start of the Indian Mutiny, he was in Lahore in the Punjab, where he was Judicial Commissioner (and in-charge of Chief Commissioner at Lahore) of the province. He immediately had the native garrison disarmed, which prevented them from taking any action in the rebellion. He was awarded with a knighthood for this action and became Chief Commissioner of Oudh. He was then the second Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab from 1859 to 1865, preceded by Sir John Lawrence and succeeded by Sir Donald McLeod. He served as Lieutenant-Governor up to an advanced age.