MONTBAREY, Prince de. 15795



Letter Signed, to the Governor of the Invalides, informing him that the King wishes a place in the Invalides to be given to Captain Mazières ‘cy devant Mousquetaire en la Seconde Compagnie’. In French. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, one horizontal fold, in good condition. 2 September 1778. Alex. Marie Leonor de St.Mauris, Prince de Montbarey (1732-1796), French statesman. At the resignation of the count of Saint Germain, thanks to the influence of Madame of Maurepas, Montbarey was appointed in 1778 as Secretary of State for war. He opposed the declaration of war against England, stressing that support and encouragement of the American colonies in their fight for independence would pose dangers for the absolute monarchy in France.