MITCHELL, John, Major-General. 15821



Autograph Letter Signed, to the Earl of Gosford confirming he has paid for a seat on the Coach from Belfast to Dublin for Lord Brabazon. 1 page 7 x 4½ inches, laid down, some creases and blemishes. 7 January 1835. Major-General John Mitchell (1785–1859), soldier and military writer. On 5 Dec. 1804 he was promoted to a lieutenancy in the 1st royals, and went with the 1st battalion of his regiment to the West Indies. On 1 Oct. 1807 he was promoted captain in the 1st royals. In 1809 he joined the 3rd battalion of his regiment at Walcheren, and was present at the siege of Flushing. He served with the same battalion in the Peninsula from 1810 to 1812, and was present at the battles of Busaco and Fuentes d’Onoro in the action of Sabugal, and in those of the retreat of Massena. He accompanied the 4th battalion on the expedition under Major-general Gibbs to Stralsund in 1813, but served on the staff as a deputy assistant quartermaster-general. He also served in a similar capacity in the campaign of 1814 in Holland and Flanders, and with the head-quarters of the army of occupation in Paris. His knowledge of languages made him of use to Wellington in correspondence and negotiations with the allied powers. He wrote a number of important works of miitary biography and strategy.