MILLINGTON, John. 16665



Autograph Letter Signed, to Miss Cockings at the Society of Arts, asking for tickets to permit Robert Murray and friends to view the Models at the rooms of the Society of Arts. 1 page 8 x 6 inches, with the address leaf, in good condition, light traces of mounting. 5 Doughty Street, Foundling Hospital, 7 April 1829. This was his last year in England before he went to Mexico to become chief engineer of the silver mines. John Millington (1779 – 1868), English engineer who became an academic in America. He was a licensed attorney in England before he began his engineering career. He served as professor of mechanics at the Royal Institution from 1817 to 1829. He then worked as an engineer with the Anglo-Mexican Mining Association. Millington served as Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy at the College of William and Mary from 1836-1848, Professor of Chemistry and Natural Science at the University of Mississippi. He obtained a doctoral degree in medicine and served as Professor at the Memphis Medical College.