MATHEWS, Elkin. 19061



Autograph signed tribute to “that graceful and austere poet Ernest Radford”, possibly prepared for publication. 5 x 4 inches, on the verso of an 1891 invitation to a Vigo Street art exhibition. September 1919. Charles Elkin Mathews (1851-1921), publisher and bookseller who played an important role in the literary life of London in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ernest William Radford (1857 – 1919) was an English poet, critic and socialist. He was a follower of William Morris, and one of the organisers in the Arts and Crafts Movement; he acted as secretary to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. Elkin Matthews writes: “In the early Vigo St days he was one of my best friends. He introduced me to Walter Crance, William Morris, & many others. In 1890 I published his Chambers Twain.”