MARTIN, Admiral Sir George. 15848



Letter Signed by Martin during the Peninsular War, as Vice Admiral in command of the Lisbon station, to Captain Robert Mitford of HMS Minstrel, acknowledging the fact that due to the strong NNW wind Mitford has had to anchor in the Tagus, ordering that “the moment it is moderate, you will put to Sea in His Majesty’s Ship under your Command in the execution of your Orders.” 1 page 12 x 8 inches, fine, integral blank. HMS Stately in the Tagus, 14 July 1813. Admiral of the Fleet Sir George Martin (1764 –1847) saw service during the American War of Independence, and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. During his long naval career he took part in several significant battles, for which he was awarded a number of honours and promotions; he commanded ships at Cape St Vincent and Cape Finisterre. In June 1809 Martin took possession of Ischia and Procida.