MARMONTEL, Antoine Francois. 15815



Autograph Letter Signed, addressed ‘Madame’, discussing the merits of two of his pupils. In French. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. Undated. Antoine François Marmontel (1816-1898), French pianist, teacher and musicographer. Marmontel achieved renown as an effective and imaginative teacher. He had many pupils including Georges Bizet, Vincent d’Indy, Théodore Dubois, Dominique Ducharme, Gustave Gagnon, Ernest Guiraud, Émile Paladilhe, Edward MacDowell, Gabriel Pierné, Paul Rougnon, Louis Diémer, Francis Planté, André Wormser, Marguerite Long, and Claude Debussy. Marmontel’s musicographical works number among the best sources for the history of piano and pianists, particularly for the 19th century. They include his Symphonistes et virtuoses (“Symphonists and Virtuosi”) in 1880; Les Pianistes célèbres (“Famous Pianists”) in 1878; Virtuoses contemporains (“Contemporary Virtuosi”) in 1882; Éléments d’esthétique musicale et considérations sur le beau dans les arts (“Fundamentals of Musical Aesthetics and Thoughts on the Fine Arts”) in 1884; and Histoire du piano et de ses origines (“History of the Piano and Its Origins”) in 1885.