MARMIER, Xavier. 15246



Autograph Letter Signed, a letter full of compliments to his old friend, De Pontmartin, reflecting on recent invitations, etc. In French. 4 pp. 5 x 4 inches, fine. 24 January, no year given. Uncommon. Xavier Marmier (1808 – 1892), French author and traveller. After journeying in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, he was attached in 1835 to the Arctic expedition of the Recherche; and after a couple of years at Rennes as professor of foreign literature, he visited (1842) Russia, (1845) Syria, (1846) Algeria, (1848–1849) North America and South America, and numerous volumes were the result. He did much to encourage the study of Scandinavian literature in France, publishing translations of Holberg, Oehlenschlager and others.